The Groome Inn booking services will not be open till the end of January due to some Inn improvements!  Thank you for your patience during this transition!

-The Groome Family





  • Rustic White Wedding Benches that seats up to 150 guest (complimentary set up of benches)
  • Parking Staff for 1 hour
  • 1 Venue Staff for 3-4 hours
  • 48 Rustic indoor Garden Chairs
  • 17- 48' Round Tables (Seats up to 100 Guest)
  • 100 White Outdoor Garden Chairs for Reception
  • *Tent and additional rentals can be added for an upcharge

Weekend Rental (12pm Friday till 12pm Sunday)- $6000

Saturday Only (9am- 11pm) $5000

Sunday Only (2pm-11pm) $2500

Monday- Thursday (2pm-11pm) $1500

Full Week Rental (12pm Monday-12pm Sunday) $9000

Additional Services

  • All Inclusive Packages- **MOST POPULAR ADD-ON!  We do offer all inclusive packages through Left Lane Productions that will get you from Start to finish!  Ask us for a free consultation and quote!!

  • Directing Services- Don't Stress on your BIG DAY!  Left Lane Productions offers directing services in house.  *Other planners and directors are always welcome at the Inn!

  • Floral Services- Left Lane Productions offers fresh floral design for all budgets!  *Other florist are always welcome at the Inn!

General Off-Season Parties

Off Season parties run from July-August & December-February

Only 50 guest allowed at the discounted rate and it only applies to parties not weddings.  It includes 48 indoor chairs, 12- 48' round tables and a venue staff.  No set up or clean up is included.

$125 per hour and you must include set up and clean up time


Rental Rules


·       Trash from each wedding or event must be removed from the property by the licensed caterer.  All trash must be removed from building at end of rental period by the renter.

·       All trash and food particles must be removed from the all rooms. 

·       If trash is left on the property, a cleaning fee of $100 an hour will be removed from your security deposit listed in your contract.


·       Any cooler or container must have moisture barriers to protect floor or tables

·       No direct heat of food or substance applied to any table or furniture

·       Self-catering is NOT allowed at any time.  Licensed caterers only or food delivered from a licensed kitchen.

·       All catering liability is on the catering company.  The Groome Inn is NOT liable for any food poisoning or illness.

·       Beer and wine allowed with proper permits from the caterer.

·       If any spills take place (food or liquid), it must be cleaned up immediately to preserve hardwood floors.   No beverages or other items to be sat on antique furniture.

Rental Space

·       The Groome Inn rental space is specified by the package on your contract.  All other spaces are off limits. 

·       Renter is liable for any damage, theft, lost items or property to include all furniture, décor, tables, chairs, painting, etc.  Renter will be charged full replacement value.

·       All outdoor events and sound is limited till 11pm, then needs to be contained inside.

·       No horse play or unaccompanied minors are allowed inside at any time.  All minors must have adult supervision at all times while on the property.

·       No Smoking or smokeless tobacco allowed at any time inside the Inn.  (Including E-Cigs)  We do allow smoking outside with ashtrays available.

·       No illegal substances or activities are allowed on the property at any time. 

If written or verbal rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave the property immediately (no refund will be given)

All set up and clean-up will be completed within the contracted time.  A security deposit of $500 is required in the form of holding a credit card number or check.  It will be returned to the renter at the end of rental.